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Welcome to VisitNigeria,

New York.


Visit Nigeria, is a private Nigerian passport and visa expediting company We assist individual & corporate travel departments,obtain their Nigerian travel documents in as little as 24 hours. We understand the stress and anxiety that comes with trying to get all your traveling documents in time for your trip. This is why we are here to save you the time and stress.

We are not the Nigerian Consulate and we have no influence over the decision of issuance of a passport or visa being issued. However, we work with the Nigeria Consulate or Nigerian Embassy Our goal is to get your documents processed so it can be in your possession quicker than it could have through normal channels.

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3 Reasons Why you should choose us

Extra Services

Our services ranges from document preparation services, notary, shipping, passport photo, faxing, copying, printing and whatever you need for a successful application in regards to your visa or passport processing.

Guidance & Planning

We process Nigerian passports for Nigerian Nationals,  Nigerian Visa for Nigerians and other  Nationals. We are committed to seamless itinerary, with the most professionalism! We ensure that your trip goes smoothly with the most professional aptitude, while keeping in mind the travelers personal preferences. We can plan the entire trip with our clients, manage hotel bookings even provide car rentals while ensuring a smooth travel experience.

24 hr Emergency Sevice

If it gets overwhelming, travelers can always count on us to be there! We are readily available to assist all, who may experience any challenges while traveling.We make sure to provide everything you would need for a successful trip.

Nigerian Ecowas Passport, New York

Nigerian Passport Renewal Reminder

In need of a passport renewal or applying for a new passport, you will need to apply/renew it at some point and visitnigeria is here to assist you an make it a seamless process.

Fill out the form below and we will remind you that your passport renewal time  is approaching , starting about 1 year from expiration, and then with more frequency as you near the 6 month before expiration mark.

Thanks for Signing Up.

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